What is she like? Sensual, confident, funny, or cocky? No words needed.
Sensual, confident, funny, or cocky

Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful, caring and proud WOMEN to be! 

The way to the women’s heart is possible through a set of nice and elegant lingerie, from which it is difficult to look away, especially when is about her.
And for many, it is not the lingerie itself that is important, but the fact of the effort and attention invested.

In honor of #InternationalWomensDay this Sunday, we want to highlight some of the amazing things women do! From change history to build empires (and people!) through endurance and hard hard work 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏼We’re proud to have a clients – strong women here at My Lingerie by Provoke.
Tag a woman who does amazing things! 🤳🏿

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