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Women talk: Lessons in lingerie
TV Host Dessy Tsoneva

Beautiful lingerie has miraculous feature – it heals old wounds, elevates mood, gives confidence and awakens sexual appetite. It is difficult to argue with the fact that every woman feels especially attractive in an elegant and seductive lingerie.

The lingerie speaks a lot about personality and character, personifies the feminine essence.

Buying lingerie can be challenging because of the variety of models, quality and price.

We decided to ask some of our well known clients what are the most important tips they would give when choosing lingerie

The first to answer our questions is Dessi Tzoneva – Stefanov – a TV presenter, journalist and heir to the famous TV family. The TV reporter gave birth to a baby girl on October 17 and is in perfect shape.

1. When I choose lingerie I prefer

Quality, materials and design are critical for me. That’s why The brand is important. This is crucial for the quality.

2. Do you have a favorite lingerie color or do you love variety?

It may be a cliché, but black and red are my sexiest colours. And for a more sporty look, I fall for thick elastic bands and bright colours

3. For special cases, I prefer … Because …

Always something ultra mega sexy! I have a secret closet with sexy lingerie at home. I love playing roles. Before going out, I strictly choose a set that stands as inspiring as possible under the clothes …

4. Do you prefer comfortable or effective lingerie?

Spectacular. Sexy and spectacular.

5. What does your favorite swimsuit look like?

I have over 100 pairs of swimwear! Any type! I buy current models every year. So … now I have two big drawers! 🤪

6. What is your favorite lingerie brand and why?

I like many different brands. If I go to list everyone … Agent Provocateur I like it a lot … I also like La perla. Because both brands combine quality, convenience and sex appeal.

7. Wish Something Our Readers

Dress up sexy, especially now during quarantine! Wear your new lingerie and the mood at home will soar! And it applies to men! 😜

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